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Delivering sales for the national trampoline park operator with digital marketing and a new eCommerce site.


The team at RedKangaroo have created three of the UK’s biggest trampoline experiences, which kids, teens, adults and families adore.

Their venues in Reading,Nottingham, and recently opened Coventry are much, much more than just a trampoline park: you charge through their doors into a big, bright world of gladiator beams, foam pits, wipe out, dodgeball courts, ninja warrior courses, tumble tracks and loads more.


The Red Kangaroo team approached dpc to firstly set up and run their online media campaigns . This involved setting up and running their vital PPC (Adwords) campaigns, display retargeting campaigns and subsequently YouTube campaigns.

This resulted in dpc building a new website for them, with optimised landing pages, A/B testing, quickly editable page modules, and integrated video.

With the Coventry venue launch in early 2018, dpc designed and artwork all the print and online advertising for the team. This ranged from bus-side adverts, local paper adverts, digital road signage and then online ads, takeovers and video ads.


Over the past 6 months we have seen website traffic records broken week after week, online sales grow week after week, and conversion rates rise week after week.

Its great to work with such a “high-flying” client (apologies) …

YouTube video that dpc created as part of the digital marketing campaign.

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