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Branding and digital marketing for the premium HR and flexible benefits platform.

Flexgenius is part of the Avantus Group of companies; they own operate a group of successful independent companies, and although each company has a different focus, they all have the same philosophy – to take advantage of technology and techniques to deliver genuinely exceptional results for their clients.

FlexGenius is a premium HR and employee benefits platform that incorporates enhanced communication and publishing tools. The bespoke branding options and targeted-marketing tools combine to give the employee a very personal experience. Unlimited flexible benefit choices and the integrated reward and recognition module ensures that FlexGenius delivers an unparalleled proposition.

The Avantus group have been working with dpc for more than five years.

The brief

The Flexgenius platform needed a complete/full/comprehensive digital strategy for their premium offering: They needed a website and new client acquisition strategy targeting specific types and sizes of businesses across the UK.

The solution

Research and strategy is how every project starts at dpc, and we began by gaining a full understanding of the competitive landscape as well as the target audience for the platform; this included a full keyword audit and competitor analysis. We then merged the top level keywords into their brand messaging.


A new website for the premium HR and flexible benefits platform: We opted to build the site on WordPress to ensure we could adapt and change the site quickly and easily and add in a variety of landing pages for the different market sectors that we are targeting.

Online marketing

Once we had created the brand’s core proposition we launched a number of Social media campaigns across LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram alongside the usual pillars of Google PPC and retargeting.


Finally we set up the platforms for management of their bulk email strategy – building their email list and then using content to convert leads into enquiries.


A huge success:

The platform has been adopted by a plethora of UK and international businesses and continues to add new clients each and every month.

Avantus has appointed dpc to act as their internal marketing support on a weekly basis. We monitor their lead generation and create new content for their websites, emails and blogs as well as launching new campaigns.

Flexgenius mobile optimised website

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